Antlers to Art

About Rob Cochrane

robcochraneRob Cochrane began his carving career back in the early 1980's. He was becoming a duck hunter at the time and developed a fascination for hand made wooden decoys. He knew several people who made their own decoys for use when they hunted and was urged on by his wife to begin carving his own. That was the start of it!

For a Christmas gift in 1999 Rob bought a simple antler carving for his wife Barb. She loved it, but again stated that he could create the same thing himself with some of the antlers that were piled up in their garage. Again, another good idea from his bride.

A screaming eagle head appeared at the base of the antler

The first carving was done using a whitetailed deer antler. A screaming eagle head appeared from the base of the antler, and it stood on the table on the antler tines. After a suggestion from good friend Glenn McMurdo, the “Gator was created. To this day, the original ”gator“ is the only carving Rob will not part with.

From this point the moose antler carvings started. Relief carvings on the antler palms, with eagle heads carved from the bases, to stand up designs with bear, eagle and howling wolf heads being the centre of focus soon followed.

Soon someone commissioned a piece that had a scene with a bull moose and trees. It was to be carved through and done as 3D as the antler would allow. Unsure as to how it would turn out, the project began. Through much time and error, the carving was completed and to Rob's delight, the person loved it and paid the agreed price for the piece. This new work proved to be the next in Rob's antler carving progression.

Rob has found his niche in the artworld

Being a very unique style of artwork, Rob has found his niche in the artworld. His carvings have garnered winning ribbons at area carving competitions and have found homes from western Canada through to Newfoundland, the U.S. and as far afield as France.

“I hope people enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed the creative process involed to get each piece to the finished stage. Antlers of deer, moose and caribou are artwork themselves. The process of growing these magnificent sets of headgear each and every year is, I think, one of the most amazing things in nature. To spend all that energy growing these magnificent crowns through the Spring and Summer months, only to have them drop off after the mating season has ended and Winter sets in is truely incredible. I only hope I can do justice to each piece I use for my work.”

Robs work can be viewed by appointment at his home between Roseneath and Warkworth, Ontario or at Eclectic Mix in downtown Warkworth where several pieces are usually on display. Please contact Rob or Barb by phone (705-924-3763) if travelling to their country home so a time can be arranged for your visit.