Antlers to Art

Whispering Pines Antlers to Art Studio

By the time Rob Cochrane had finished his second antler carving he knew he was no longer a wood carver. There was something special about the medium that brought to him a level of joy he had never before experienced with any other sort of carving.

Years, and hundreds of carvings later, Rob continues to pursue his obsession with the antler. After producing enough sculptures to maintain his presence on a busy show circuit, Rob has now stepped back to allow himself some breathing room and to concentrate on specific projects in his Ontario studio set amidst the whispering pines of his Northumberland Hills home.

Rob is currently taking commisions for carved antlers. If you have a vision for a carved antler, let Rob know (see our contact page) and he will work with you to create a work of art you both will appreciate.

Rob also re-energizes old antlers from personal collections. An antler that was once banished to the basement or workshop can be transformed into an artpiece that graces the main family room.

Moose antlers are a naturally occuring renewable resource

About the Antlers

Some people are taken back by the thought of carved antlers. They needn't be. Moose antlers are a naturally occuring renewable resource. Rob's carvings are created from carefully selected shed antlers. Each moose antler is different in size and shape from those of another moose, and each antler has its own unique qualities. It's these hidden qualities and characters that determine what the finished piece will eventually represent. For a more complete explanation, please visit The Life Cycle of an Antler by Rob Cochrane.